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The act of awkwardly walking in a tip-toeing manner towards or behind A Keith. You must record you observations with either a high tech speddy taking camera or a video camera(found at Walmart). But be careful a Keith might spot you and attack. Keith's have a very sharp sense of smell(if you have any drugs on you, your screw) he will jack yo shit and will kick you in the VAGINA if you accidently are spotted. DONT let them spot you, or you wont be able to post your findings on youtube or Tosh.0.

Sidney: I am on the Path of the 77 year old keith in its natural habbitat....

Jack: Oh shiiitttttt did you stash the pot at your house?!

Sidney: No, i put it in your back pocket

Jack: FUUUU-

2 days later...

Sidney: Im sorry mister and misses Holly.... Jack was burtaly kicked in the VAGINA and he died.

Luckly i saved the weed.
by bananas in yo mouth444 November 12, 2010

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