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An annoying television personality who is always looking for attention. She is also always in the tabloids for being such a fatass, and the fans of her show are wacky fat chicks who feel bad about themselves. She always has this crook doctor named mehmet oz on her show offering medical advice for every ailment possible (breast cancer,arthritis,diabetes,kidney stones,infertility, the guy knows everything) Oprah is just a depressed fat bitch because she doesnt get any dick because no guy in their right mind would want to bone Oprah because she is such a bossy asshole. Stedman backed out of the engagement cause he finally realized marrying oprah probably wouldnt be a good idea. She is a liberal and loves to talk about rimming.
Man: Look at Oprah,she loves getting attention even if its negative like her fatassness.
by bananapeelz July 12, 2009
A fast food joint where the people working their arent teens like the ones that work at the other fast food joints but old people.
Kid #1: "Dude working at a fast food restaurant like when your in high school is cool but not when your 37"

Kid #2: "Yea Taco Bell is where failures work"
by bananapeelz July 12, 2009
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