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1 definition by bamarocks!!

It's one of the best places to leave.It's peaceful just being able to step outside and see the sky..and to be able to Breath!!We have very nice people here...it's called southern hospitality!We don't have racism problems like we are rumored to have..we have African Americans and Mexicans that go to my school!We have everything that we need to have here..and it's where I've lived all my life.I have never met anyone in my life that is inbred so thats obviously not true.It's also a very nice place to raise your children.So overall it's a great place to live!

Bye the way..how the hell would you guys know if it's a terrible place to live..half of you probably have never even visited Alabama,and the whole things about trying to defend my state waa deal..yeah well you think we are weird!!!your the one coming a STUPID website trying to defend yourself..and u ppl think we are messed up..
Alabama is a very peaceful state!
by bamarocks!! March 27, 2007