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is a style of dancing that modern teenagers do. moshers are jealous because there are more of us then there are of them. and i'm a fucking girl. i've been hit so many times by hardcore dancers, it's not safe by any means, but we dont sit around and bitch when you faggots come to our venues and our shows and do your bullshit. moshers on the other hand decided their dancing is to get shitfaced drunk and slam into each other repeatedly...where the fuck is the skill in that? i honestly think moshers are jealous because the majority of the dancers are decent looking while they are greasy, nasty, disgusting and will never have the opportunity to get laid. so, keep talking shit...we know how it really is. oh, and we listen to shit like heavyheavy lowlow, the acacia strain, all shall perish, white chapel, stick to your guns, gwen stacy, cattle decapitation...oh, but those dont count as metal bands because some of their songs aren't all about ripping babies out of wombs and eating them? fuck you. i'd like to see you faggots tell the members of those bands they're not metal. hey, if we're the pussies, how come you fuckers just stand at the edge while us "crack head skinny dancers" are in the pit and you never try to get in? i'm going to say because you're the fucking pussies because you fucking know you're outnumbered. moshing is dead, deal with it. our shit takes skill, strength and practice. moshers just cant face the fact we rule the pits and we look better doing it, too. we earned our fucking right to be at these shows while you fat fucks are going to die of obsetity in the next 5 years. lose some fucking weight and maybe you'll be able to do something other than bullshit everyone into thinking you're more metal than us.
dancers vs moshers. you motherfuckers asked for this war. but it's funny that we all go to the same shows to see the same fucking bands, but we're not metal, right?
so, moshers here's a big fuck you from my crew in dallas, texas...suck a fucking dick.
mosher 1# "ohhh, im wasted, you stand on that side and i'll stand over here and then we're going to run into each other until one of us falls down. kay?"
Mosher 2# "okay, i'm too big of a dick sucker to go hardcore dancing."
hardcore dancer = "wow, that's really fucking awesome...fucking douche bags."
by bailey strange January 10, 2009

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