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1 definition by badassasianbitch

a sexy ass Cuban boy from Florida who all the ladies love . He usually has an asian girl girlfriend from California whose badass in every single way . He loves smoking than going to McDonalds to fufill his munchies . He's a sexy ass motherfxcking beast . He's a ladies man but he loves his girlfriend to death . So back up bitches , or his barking cat will attack you .
Man: Dude, that guy is the muhhfucking man yo.
Woman: Yeah he's hot but he's like totally in love with his asian girlfriend.
Man: Oh Ly? Yeah she's so fucking awesome man.
Woman: Yeah, I worship her. Isn't his name Soto?
Man: Yeah dude, I worship that guy.
by badassasianbitch October 10, 2010
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