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a response to a situation or event generally accepted as wholly analytical comprised in part by a disproportionate and irrational emotional component. often any opportunity to express opinion, usually with regard to, in the absence of circumstance, logically devoid or ambiguous choice, is the source of caremad behavior.

generally measured on an ambiguous scale in units of hodges. e.g., "3,247 millihodges".
person 1: "i really enjoy programming in scala and using maven"

person 2: "i simply cannot accept the type system as-is in scala; the underlying semantics are truly insane! only a fool would ever endeavor to utilize such a monstrosity, and then would undoubtedly be inept in doing so. it's disgusting. you are clearly clueless. also, fuck scala."

person 1: "roughly 2,460 millihodges of caremad. dial it back shitbird."
by bad programmer January 19, 2012

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