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a small bad ass town in southern cali. its pretty bad ass..more bad ass than compton..just not as advertised. theres a little of everything pretty bitches, gays, lesbos, party people, thugs, potheads, immagrants and so. everyone is chill and if your from there..youll talk about it and rep it proudly just for the heck of it.
texan:"you dont look like your from here.."

rialto kid:"nah im from cali"

texan:"what part of cali?"

rialto kid:" Ri-al-to!"

texan:"never heard of it.."

rialto kid:"you should go sometime..its way better than your whole state put together"

texan:"go back to your city then if its "better" than here!"

rialto kid: "sure thing."
*off to rialto!*
by babycakezamaze June 02, 2010

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