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LiK3 a cANkl3 buT on a WriSt. If th3r3 is no definition between the forearm and the hand...it's considered really fugly and makes the person look morbidly fat.
OH MY GOD! Did you see Annie's wrankles?!?!?
#cankle #fugly #obeese #fat #gross
by babiee gurrrl April 11, 2006
bridgeport is not a loving community. They steal crap from other schools because they think its cool and because they dont have anything of their own except bad drugs and guns and clothes from the salvation army. They like phones, ipods...and they like to leave everything open and obvious after they raid it. They basically do it because they get owned in eveything else. They're noobs at what they do best, STEAL. The girls...they are stupid idiots who mistake taking ipods and phones for using the bathroom. No wonder everyone hates them and they are descriminated. Overall, Bridgeport needs help..badly.
"to gurllies les go to tha lcker room nd steal $ pods and ca$h" - Bridgeport
#ghetto #poor #theifs #snipers #thugs #gangs
by babiee gurrrl April 11, 2006
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