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This is not only the place I live, it is an outstanding city with a very pleasent area.

It has the golden gate bridge and bay bridge, its own bay, the San Francisco bay, it is along the Pacific Ocean, and it has a very unusual climate. It seems more like fall the whole year except for a bit of winter and a bit of summer.

San Francisco is known for its diverse community, and yes it does have a lot of gay/lesbians, but it is far from overpopulated with them. It is an out of the ordinary instance for me, as a San Franciscan, to go walking somewhere for an hour and see someone who looks to be gay or lesbian (doesn't happen often...)

There are lots of Azn gangs, and I know lots of people who are involved with them, but they are getting dealt with appropriately.

The Public School system is totally awesome! I'm in it right now, and enjoying every second of it, even the "Swimming pool on the roof!"

San Francisco is a city with a great environment, a very liberal site on the world, a very interesting population, and a very pleasent place to live (there are lots of cheap places to live in SF also... it isn't all expencive...)
San Francisco; The city of diversity.
by bLINK 182 yALL January 10, 2005
The #1 fear of a student.
AHH!! WE GOT HOMEWORK TONIGHT!! We are going to die a horrible death.
by bLINK 182 yALL February 10, 2005
1. A process of finding out whether something works or not.
2. An oral or written exam to find out one's ability in one or more subjects.
1. Lets test out that abandoned car!
2. NOOO!! We have a test in math class today! I'm going to fail1!
by bLINK 182 yALL May 09, 2005
Short for Battle.net. A gaming server hosted by Blizzard Entertainment in order for peopel to be able to play games online at the same time as eachother with eachother. When not playing games, you may chat in chatrooms called "channels," and many mini-game communities called "clans" or "guilds" have formed in order for people to aquire friendships and groups to play games in.
Hey man! Lets go play some 2v2 on bnet!
by bLINK 182 yALL February 10, 2005

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