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Is a beautiful person inside and out. Comes in a small package but full of love and FIGHT! She stands up for her beliefs, family, and friends. She's always the first to arrive whenever your in a jam and the last one to volunteer to go on hike or run. she' a great best friend and my best friend! She can turn any outing to a fun adventure! She pretends not like sweet sayings or thoughts, but deep down crave all the lovey dovey stuff! She's everything you'd want in a best friend and HUNDREDS times more!
me: "lena, i love you, im so glad your my best friend."
Lena: " awhhh..thats so gay!" (with a smile thats says 'me 2'
me: "i know, love you too!" lol
by bEST fRIENd4EV February 03, 2010

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