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A Caucasion who "acts" and/or WISHES they were of creole descent. Milkchickens are generally from lower class homes although there is plenty of evidence suggesting that there are "MCs" from higher class families. Milkchickens tend to stick with their own but also feel the need to perpetuate their ignorance by "claiming" cultures they are no part of. Milkchickens arent ALWAYS of caucasion descent. Infact recent evidence has proven that there are "milkchickens" of all cultures.

The thing that sets caucasion "milkchickens" apart from the rest is their ability to be racist but at the same time listen to such well known black artists such as Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, and Tupac.

Synonyms include "Wigger" "Clucker" "Poser"
Fred Durst, Eminem, That kid who lives next door to you.
by b. stevens September 07, 2003

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