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pronounced (yar-ski-z) it's just a cooler more entertaining way to say yes, yeah, yup, ect.
Brooklynn: hey Ryan are you comming to my house later?
Ryan: Yarskis.
by b-steeze(: February 18, 2010
it's a cover up for a booty call & or sexual expeirience.
it then will lead to a shed sesh. (you can find that definition under shed)
boy: hey study sesh at my house after school?
girl: i dont have any homework.
boy: yeah thats the point ;)
by b-steeze(: March 15, 2010
a place where people can get frisk if their parents are home or they get locked out of their house. recomended only durring the summer. & get something to clean up the mess. it's also great for "study seshes".
ben: SHED?
brooklynn: hell yeah after school?
ben: kay just text at me.

Brooklynn: omg so i was in the shed with ben last night!
Ben: yeahhhhhhh, im reppin'.
by b-steeze(: March 15, 2010

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