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1. A poke given with love, dinosaur-style. A combination of 'rawr' and 'poke'.
1. person 1: "I poked you on facebook"

person 2: "why?"

person 1: "because I really liked you, so I tried to get your attention but didn't want to say it directly"

person 2: "you should have just said 'rawrpoke'"

(note: I first used this word with a friend a few weeks ago so decided to give it a definition; so everyone could use it)
by azraa_blue July 30, 2010
A dinosaur poke. Formed from the two commonly used words 'rawr' and 'poke'. This word generally is used to express affection to a friend or lover.
I really like someone and want to get their attention, so I'll say 'rawr-poke'.
by azraa_blue July 31, 2010

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