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A nasty girl from the ghetto with no class and/or morals. She may be loud and unpleasant to hang around. She may cuss for nothing and is always ready to fight. She simply has no class. A female in a low-social-status or low-income-status environment ( a ghetto, a trailer-park, etc) who displays no dignity or self-respect and who lacks intelligence in basic decision-making. she is usually promiscuous, loud, brazen, addicted to drugs or alcohol, short-tempered and is usually not very bright. A girl that you can find in the hood, at any given time, doing people, drugs, or anything she has no business doing. Basically the neighborhood ho, that's down for anything to get what she wants.
that girl Dominique is such a hoodrat
by ayyypappiiii April 14, 2010
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