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A day where you have no plans and all friends/family are busy and the only thing on TV that is mildly interesting are specials about Hitler. Which are on all day...
I had nothing to do yesterday, and the ballgame wasn't on until late. So I had a Lonely Hitler Day again. Irs like Hitler is my only friend...
by awesome oh May 18, 2009
When you break-up with a person. They enter a state of confusion and begin stuttering as they try to either defend themselves or make you feel gulity.
Steve: Hello Linda
Linda: Why Hello Steve my darling. How are you?
Steve: Quite fine. Linda we need to talk.
Linda: What is it my love?
Steve: We're breaking up.
Linda: Wh-Wh-Why are yo-yo-you br-breaking u-u-u-up with m-m-m-me?
Steve: For many reasons but right now because you are stuttering. Your a Break-Up Stutterer.
Linda: Th-TH-This is bull-bull-bull-bullshit.
by Awesome Oh April 20, 2009
An act when a young male has literaly nothing to do, and jerks-off. However since its an unscheduld jerk-off it will take longer, and he will most likly have to swtich arms at one point. Also during some point during the Boredom Jerk, a yawn may take place.
"There was nothing on tv last night so i had a Boredom Jerk. It took forever! I had to switch to my left arm because my right went into muscle failure. I almost didn't finish, I was getting really tired."
by Awesome Oh April 20, 2009
Having a Deployment Pal occurs when, a person get deployed due to miltary service. While he/she is away, a certain non-close friend will talk to them throughout the deployment, and will make plans and what not. When the person gets home from his/her deployment. Their pal has no intentions of fullfilling said plans.
Mark: Hey Jenny I'm home from iraq! Finally! Now lets go and do all that cool shit we planned!

Jenny: Mark i cant tonight i'm busy.

Mark: But i thought you said you were excited for me to come home, and wanted to hang out and shit? What are you busy with?

Jenny: I cant Mark, I'm just to busy

Mark: What a Deployment Pal bitch!
by Awesome Oh April 28, 2009

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