1 definition by avsfan93

A raging idiot who makes himself look cool in front of his "large" girlfriend by getting super angry when someone barely runs into his car and barely bends his license plate. After realizing the minimal damage, car crash guy seems happy, but he sees high school kids laughing at his idiocy and threatens them to look even more cool. The theory is that car crash guy got dumped shortly after. Also used as a verb for a person struggling to take off their hoodie or any other article of clothing.
1. "Look at car crash guy raging again, he just punched that 3 year old for crying" "Yeah that's the fifth time today"

2. "Dude, I wanted to fight that guy so bad, but I just couldn't get my hoodie off in time, he ran away as I was struggling with it" "haha man I can't believe you pulled a car crash guy like that"
by avsfan93 December 04, 2010

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