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an ugly retarded acronym that's used when people feel sorry for you, because they know your trying to be funny. In reality you aren't funny at all, they just type lol cause it's the most polite thing to do, unless your a narsty Bitch. There are different levels of laughter (HAHA- a real laugh, LMAO-slightly laughing, hehe- an ugly giggle, lol - fuck you, etc...), and as you can clearly see lol is on the very bottom. the acronym "lol" should die.
(white man)- "THE Chicken crossed the road, and got RUNNED OVER!!!"
(pissed asian man)- "lol"
(white man)- "I'M THE BOMB!"
by autistic asian March 10, 2006
it means your either gay or retarded
(man) - "you're special"
(pubescent boy) - "oh... but i'm not gay"
(man) - "no i mean your retarded"
(pubescent boy) - "ohhh...that's not nice"
by autistic asian March 10, 2006

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