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A wonderful, charming, beautiful, gorgeous person who is sexy as hell. Has no trouble getting a guy and in fact can have several vying for her attentions at once without any effort. Has the most beautiful eyes of any girl in the world. A great mother and a caring person in general. Perfect in every conceivable way. Great at any task she undertakes and fails at nothing. Has an amazing personality and amazing sense of humor. Impossible to be angry at for any length of time because one look at her face will make you forget the reason why. Breathtaking kisser and has the ability to make a person addicted to her company with a single touch. Will go to any length to help a friend even if she doesn't talk to them often. Sacrifices anything of hers to make sure her family is happy and has everything they want. If you have an Alisha in your life then you have blessed by the gods.

Another name for an angel.
Person 1- "Who's that angel sitting at the bar?"

Person 2- "That's Alisha"

Person 1- "Man shes perfect"

Person 2- "I Know"
by aussie vampire February 04, 2010
The essential rubber ring used to hold a stem in a pre-fabricated bong.
Person 1: There's too much air getting in those cones man.

Person 2: Yeah the grommit split last week when i was cleaning it earlier.

Person 1: You cheapskate bum go down the smoke shop and get another.
by aussie vampire July 26, 2011

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