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A fistathon is my favourite pastime. When a man and two or more women have a group fisting session, the man usually fisting both there vaginas at once, or a man fisting a woman while she fists another woman. Let me get this straight, the man is the fister, not the fisted. It is done gently and creates a special energy also known as fist nirvana, which fisters find quiet surreal and epic. fist on!
Lets go to pumpkin tits house for a four-way fistathon!
By the fistfull!
It will be fruitfull!
which nobody can deny!
by aussie fister April 12, 2006
When you have been fisten all night long and have reached that relaxed and sensual stage of nirvana you are having a fruitfull slumber. Fisters and those who like to receive the fist are familiar with this term and those who have experianced it say it is all they live for. Having the song "drop the pressure" by "Mylo" playing in the background can often assist a fist, by the fistfull! So fist on my friends!
Been fisten?
Last night i was fisten into a fruitfull slumber!
By the fistfull!
by aussie fister April 24, 2006
"fist on" is something fellow fisters say to each other, as a form of encouragement and also when a fister is leaving you say "fist on" to encourage them to keep fisten and if the fister is polite he/she will reply back "by the fistfull!". It creates good vibes and makes people feel happy and fruitfull, by the fistfull!
I must go now, thanks for last night, fist on my friend!
By the fistfull!
Keep fisten!
by aussie fister April 12, 2006
WCTR stands for West Coast Talk Radio, it is a radio station in the awesome game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is a hilarious piss-take of American Society by people like The Wild Travellor, Derek Thakery the redneck sports commentator in the tight end zone, gardening with maurice and a liberal and conservative couple talking about politics.
At home, at work, or in rehab, listen to WCTR, West Coast Talk Radio
I'm derek Thakery, grab your balls and run, cos someones gonna grab you and stick it up the you know what!
Well here's a conspirecy, your mom hates you!
by aussie fister May 06, 2006
been fisten? is more than just a question it's a greeting amongst fellow fisters (fisters being guys that fist women or women that fist women). Similar to how people say "whats up?"
been fisten?
By the fistfull?
well keep fisten then son!
by aussie fister May 01, 2006
double fist-when one fist is simply not enough. It does not happen very often, but it does happen my friend! Look out for the rare and fruitfull opportunity to double fist, it will change your life!
I got a finger in, i got a fist on, wait! there's still more room, enter the double fist, oooohhhhh yeah!
by aussie fister December 26, 2006

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