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FEMA stands for:
Example? Just watch the news and see how much fema fucked up in N.O!!
#joke #incompetent #genocide #kkk #idiots
by at September 23, 2005
Hang brain is not the act of placing your scrotum on someone or something as noted in the other definitions. That would be "tea baggin." Hang brain is just the act of hanging your scrotum (testicles and all) out of the zipper of your pants.
The doctor wanted to see check my scrotum for unusual lacerations, so he asked me to hang brain.
by AT February 04, 2004
Beyonce is a no-good, ugly piece of pathetic, worthless talent. Ashanti looks and sings a lot better than that BEEP!!
She can sing but that other girl is a beyonce.
by AT March 08, 2004
Tits on a girl that are huge, but only because she is obese. Because technically they still are "Big Tits", girls with them still think they are hot and usually brag about them whenever they post a personal ad. Same as calorie tits.
"SWF, 36 with ample chest"

Typical ad from a girl with fat girl tits.
#fat #girl #obese #whale #bitch #hog
by AT November 02, 2006
An extremely ugly looking hood bitch, usually characterized by having a smashed in scrunched expression like she just whiffed the funky panties she has on. They typically are very short in stature although they can weigh upwards of several hundered pounds.
Man, did you see that Project Pekingese D'aunte brought to the set last night?
by AT December 17, 2004
Biggest city in Oklahoma with over half a million people. The rest of the nation is jealous of them because they have the lowest cost of living in the nation and usually the cheapest gas in the nation when OPEC starts jacking with oil production. With the addition of Bricktown and their canal, it's the best place in state to visit.
Fred:Hey Joey, wanna go to Tulsa this weekend?

Joey:Tulsa sucks, I'm going to OKC!!
by at July 10, 2005
The theory that if you take any video footage, even involving great tragedy, speed it up and play Yakiddy Sax in the background, it will be funny.
When they showed steve irwin's funeral re mixed using the Benny Hill theory, i busted a gut laughing.
#humor #benny #hill yakedy #sax #comedy
by AT September 15, 2006
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