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3 definitions by assylA manrAnaV

The most amazing man that you will ever meet.
He's sweet, kind, caring, generous, trustworthy, considerate, honest, and just... perfect. No one can top Dalen, it's an impossibility. He knows how to treat his ladies and has the biggest heart EVER! He's an amazing friend and will go well out of his way for anyone he cares about. He has an amazing smile and is just a doll. Be jealous.
My boyfriend Dalen is better than yours.
by assylA manrAnaV August 07, 2009
A lovely lady, who is in no way a whore or anything of that sort! Silly, entertaining, and down to earth. Enjoys hanging out with the guys and watching excessive amounts of pornography.
My friend Courtney is great, she's always fun to be around :)
by assylA manrAnaV August 07, 2009
One of the most amazing girls that you will ever meet.
She is beautiful (inside and out), she's intelligent and she has the best personality. She has a -great- sense of humor and you can't help but to be happy when you're with her. She's a great friend and very trustworthy :)
Everyone should have themselves an Anev!
There's this girl that I know who goes by "Anev".
She's fantastic.
by assylA manrAnaV August 07, 2009