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Oakville is a rich, mid-upper class town with a ghetto that is really lower-mid class...kerr street is a disgrace of a ghetto. just recently the head-shop closed down there, how sad.
One aspect that sets apart Oakville from the rest of the surrounding GTA and Hamilton is the quality of cannabis that flows through there. Oakvillians are known for their stronger than average, aroma-rich, kind buds. Sure some are money hungry and produce commercially (boo)...but there are many skilled informal horticulturalists that produce impressive product. sadly enough many grow ops have been taken down here, a real tragedy. so big up to oakville in that respect. otherwise...oakville is boring, the florida-retirement-central of canada, and full of black kids that wanna be white, and white kids that wanna be black. the rest of the white kids are preppy pretty boys, with a minority of down-to-earth, sensible skater types. although there lies some nice female talent in oakville, their heads are hollow and their purses are worth more than my 1990 toyota camry. get me out of this jokeville town, that's really a city but they want to stay a town so they don't get any strip clubs opening up. nuff said.
Rich white house wife to landscaper: you, grunt, there are 5 leaves on my tennis court, clean them up, now.

Guy who owns Microsoft Canada and builds a $25 million dollar house on the lakeshore in rich east oakville's wife: HONEY, i'm allergic to the new carpets and furniture
Microsoft Canada Guy: It's okay honey, we'll just sell this and build a new house.

Rich Oakville Girl: Daddy, i don't like the colour of my mercedes anymore.
Daddy: It's okay honey, just drive my bentley until I buy you a new mercedes, fully loaded with your favourite colour tonight.
by aski August 07, 2006

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