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1.) A girl in the scene who follows all of the scene trends, listens to all the scene music, takes scene pictures for her myspace &livejournal. Has hair that is fakely dyed black, bleach blonde, black w/blonde, &bright colord streaks. Has a scene haircut that she either did herself of had her millionair daddy pay for in west hollywood. Many either look anorexic or fat. The usually have lip/nose peircings &tats. Her clothes are from online "underground" stores. Her sunglasses are big and think framed.. white to match her cocain. However she can also be sxe, wears strands upon strands of long pearls or other beaded necklaces, even though nothing about her is classy but shes so scenexcore she can do whatever the fuck she wants. She Fucks the scene boys, has only scene friends, usually claiming not to be scene, even thought she fits the profile.
scene girls;
1.)Most girls friends with Jerffree Star on myspace
2.)Most girls at hxc shows
3.)Eighter really skinny &hot or extreemly fat &ugly
by asjkefhehj February 19, 2006

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