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A cheerleader is an athlete.

A) They cheer in formation at football, wrestling, basketball, soccer, and baseball usually. These require many practices, usually early in the morning (before school), planning and supporting events, creative choreographing, a fit body (for tossing, catching, flying, tumbling, jumping, dancing, precise arm motions).

B) They perform a time consuming routine at competition(s). This requires a lot of extra time and money. Cheerleaders must not only make an original cheer, but also must have extensive stunts, a dance, and music.

Cheerleaders may be seen together often at school, but that is because they only have time outside of school working on cheerleading. Cheerleaders are not just "snobs". It isn't really known why cheerleaders get classified as "snobs", but it is possible that people are intimidated by a cheerleader's confidence. Many of the girls may have a boyfriend, which is because guys like girls who are happy and comfortable with themselves. Where does the label "slut" come from? If you don't have a thick head, you'd know cheerleaders aren't the only group that has its sluts. Cheerleaders must have a high GPA, and if it were slipping, it would only be because he/she is spending so much time practicing.

Cheerleaders' purpose is to connect the crowd with the game. The only problem with cheerleading is a crowd that is too lazy and selfish to encourage their team. (HEY YOU! Yell with your fellow cheerleaders! They are there to help YOU!)

Cheerleaders Do Not (usually):
- Chew bubble-gum, have blonde ponytails, blue eyes, and $daddy$.
- Whore themselves (this is because cheerleaders are encouraged to be role-models)
- Wear sluttish clothes. (Cheerleaders must wear skirts so often, why would she want to wear something like that when she's not cheering?)
- Include those who are chubby. (Cheerleaders need to be in good physical shape to do all the things required of them, and if they can do everything, then they can join.)
- Make fun of Goths, hicks, nerds, stoners, etc. (Just because a girl is a cheerleader, it does not mean she can't be a band nerd at the same time.)
- Put up with stupid people. (EX: people who make fun of cheerleaders, people who make stupid comments based on their own stupidity.
- Say, "Whooohooooo!" or scream.

Stop hatin'
Start lovin'


*throws a hotdog*

Cheerleaders: S-H-O-V-E, shove it,
(clap clap) up your ass,
You, Will, LOVE IT!...

Dumb person: Hey dude, did that guy just pick up that chick and look at her ass?

Dumb person 2: Yeah dude, let's try-out so we can try to get some pussy!
by asiancheergirl December 25, 2004

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