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2 definitions by artofstealth

Squatchin' is the activity in wich a person or people search for a sasquatch a large ape like creature native to north America. Those who go squatchin' hardly ever find what they seek and are mocked by scientists.
"Gone Squatchin'"
"I do think there's a Squatch in these woods..."
"I went Squatchin' earlier, didn't see one though"
by artofstealth February 17, 2013
The name Peter or Pete comes from the greek word for rock.
In latin the name Petra also mens rock.
People called Peter are both strong and brave, to attack them is foolish as a Peter is more than a match for most others.

Pete is the short version, he also is a rock, those who go by the name Pete are always noble, honest, funny and have a primal sence of justace. Pete is "A man of Honor" and will fight when needs be. He will never hit a woman and is good looking.

Peter will pretend to be silly and stupid for his own reasons. He will try to avoid emotions such as love as he thinks they make people weak and easy to break. This anoys many females who are attracted to him.
Peter will say odd things at times such as:

"And ye shall know the truth...And the truth shall set you free"
"even a man who is pure in heartand says his prays by night, may become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms, and the autum moon is bright"
This is not to be confused with insanity as Peter is a wize man.
Random chav: you dumb blood
Peter: nope, i'm B+
by artofstealth February 17, 2013