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Venereal Trifecta: noun;
1.) Refers to 3 random venereal diseases obtained from the same sexual partner (typically female) during the same encounter.

2.) May also refer to the condition (usually negative) of one's genitalia.
Def 1: Man, stay away from Mary, I fucked that skanky petri-dish with legs last week and got the Venereal Trifecta; Chlamydia, Syphilis and the HIV!

Def 2: Did you see her cunt? Total Venereal Trifecta; Foul smelling, hairy and meat curtains! That bitch is so skanky that the crabs in her pussy are hanging themselves from the string on her tampon!
by arrogantfu(k June 18, 2010
Silver Twinkee refers to a somewhat cramped and run-down air-stream style mobile home with more than 3 defunct TV antennae on the roof and hevily guarded by 4 large, muscular canines that have no tails. Commonly infested with creatures known as Hicks.
Hey look! a big SILVER TWINKEE with white trash filling!
by arrogantfu(k October 18, 2009

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