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1 definition by array528

A sycophantic cunt who gets by on her reasonable to a times gorgeous looks. She is spoiled and cavalier to everyone's feelings but her own. She uses people, especially men, for social and financial stability and gain, then turns around and lusts after worthless meatheads. She rejects all the men who are good for her and then pines over them once they find real happiness only to change her mind of being with them once they burn all bridges in their healthy previous relationships. She is a FUCKING CUNT. All women like Rachel Green are FUCKING CUNTs and even though they rule the world and will never be overthrown they should be put in their place... 6 feet under.
That bitch is sluttier, skankier and more spoiled than Rachel Green. I'd still creampie her hot trust-fund ass... and her steaming wet cooch... mmmmm...
by array528 August 17, 2011