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A wonderfully intelligent, caring person who will go far in there chosen cause in life.
Person 1: God I wish I could be like Pippa.
Person 2: Well of course, we all do!
by Argos Gold February 13, 2005
From the imense film known only as Dodge Ball to its devout followers.
its describes a sexual act proposed by Whit-e to Kate.
Also see naughty freak, as a description of a participant in such acts
"i can do it freaky naughty!"
by Argos Gold February 15, 2005
A super chav is a posh version of a normal chav but instead of fake designer labels, especially Burberry, they where the real version. This sub culture of the upper classes is often described as new money because their parents being hard working entrepreneurs have worked hard to build businesses/ drug empires so they could give their children every thing they couldn’t have as a child, e.g. shoes.
These young people believe that the impression that people have of you is all-important and the only way people can rate you is by what you wear, because of course in their world personality counts for nothing because none of then have one.
The female version of this sub culture, more common than the male, will commonly be seen wearing Ugg boots, a tiny pink flannel Pineapple skirt/ track suit bottoms, and matching zip up top, with big bling belt, designer truckers cap, most likely pink, enormous hooped earrings and lashings of gold necklaces and rings all real of course, and obviously to top it all off a Burberry handbag and tinted sunglasses, worn at all times.
The super chav herself will have straw like blond hair a very orangey fake tan fake nails and enough make up to sink a ship. She will persistently be talking loudly on a mobile, weather or not a person is on the other line is questionable.
These people should be avoided as social contacts because they are unlikely to prove any use in the future as any kind of social contact, having wasted daddy’s fortune on bling by the age of 25 and disappear to some council estate in Essex.

Famous examples include Paris Hilton, their queen.
Person 1: Oh my God just look at that super chav what does she think she’s wearing? quick cross the road before we catch something.
Person 2: Dude
by Argos Gold March 01, 2005
Was black according to 'Dogma'.
person 1: What an interesting concept, to think Jesus was black and so much white Christian tyranny could be based on a lie.
person 2: Dude.
by Argos Gold March 20, 2005
alternative to gravy.
Jamay: "hows it going foo?"
Jago: "its aaaaaall bisto"
by Argos Gold February 15, 2005
delecious baked cake thing,
made of puff paistry and coated in a thin glazing of iceing.
Its name is its best definition.
Person 1: i ate 3 yum yums and now i feel sick.
person 2: Dude.
by argos gold February 23, 2005
aka Fuckable First Year
noun, “oh look an F-squared”
adjective “ that guy is such an F-squared”
Applicable to six forms only, not a paedophilic term.
A term coined at Alton College, Hants to describe the surprising attractive ness of the new first years as compared to the lack of male talent in the second year.
One should note that surfer boy and Mc Fly Guy are perfect examples of this.
Person 1: OMG! Just look at those f-squareds over there!
Person 2:Yer your right! Now we're second years we can totally take advantage of them for our own means and sexual gratification!
Person 1: Score!
by Argos Gold February 16, 2005

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