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2 definitions by arcstyles

Males who know, and associate with one another, and have shared more than one woman, on occasion.
Dude, he's trailing me, we're total holistic bros, sharing hole after hole, he's been with many of the same bitches as me...
by arcstyles January 30, 2010
When two men have shared the same pool of pussy on more than one occasion , and continue to remain friends. This can also include campfire stories about said snatchahiem, again, the mood surrounding these stories is completely congenial.
Bro #1
"So dude, you have basiclly fucked four of the same women I have. Though I was not with them at the same time that you where, its kinda remarkable. I guess that makes you a brotha de vaj...

a bdv."

Bro #2

"What can I say you have great taste in pussy!"
by arcstyles January 31, 2010