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SalisburyWiltshire is a city in the south west of England and is one of the most dangerous cities in the country. It has been voted the capital of gun crime and street violence in the UK due to local bands like the ‘ Trap Door Nasties’. The band will usually rap about the true life, hardship and the crimes in Salisbury Wiltshire which gave them a fan base of more than 28likes on facebook. The ‘Trap door nasties’ formed after a multitude of stabbings and drive by shootings occurred in Bishops Wordsworth (the local grammar school).
Salisbury is a city with a population of more than 2 million Indians and Polish which results in the city centre it having more curry houses,shit drug dealers and smelly prostitutes per square kilometre (k m-2) in the world. Every summer the population doubles as all Polish take extended holidays in Salisbury and they somehow set up shops like ‘Barvish ,Snip , chick-o-land and Charlies Store’
Salisbury is not just famous for their musical talents, but also their famous for their comedy acts. ‘I met nature’ Started as a ‘Grimecore’ band under the name of bleeding cunt , however they turned to a comedy act which can seen every night at british legion as no one would give them a record deal. Brook Laing is the local Wolverine in the mosh pits, and has a forehead brimming with musical talent. He is currently lead vocalist for the band ‘past is PROLAPSE’ Other bands include bury the betrayer who labels themselves as pop punk and is similar to McFly.
by archbishop of banterbury2 March 22, 2011

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