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11 definitions by arania

Great Japanese band, vocalist Tomiko Van, Guitarist Ryo Owatari, and other guitarist (who doesn't go to promotional stuff anymore) Dai Nagao.
"Fukai Mori" is a great Do As Infinity Song, but I like "Raven" the most.
by arania May 17, 2004
1. Short for the great band Do As Infinity (usually D-A-I)
2. Dai Nagao, Member of Do As Infinity. After two albums, he decided not to show up for promotional stuff, and stayed behind the scenes.
1. D-A-I is short for Do As Infinity
2. Dai Nagao has a double neck acoustic guitar, one neck is 6 string, the other neck is 12 string.
by arania May 17, 2004
1. a hide song
2. something to scratch your number on
1. "Hey baby scratch your number on my electric cucumber"
2. see example 1
by arania May 17, 2004
1. An X-Ray
2. 1st solo album by Hyde
1. A roentgen is an X-ray
2. Roentgen is a great album by Hyde. "Shallow Sleep" is an amazing song.
by arania May 17, 2004