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10 definitions by anonymous8978947847834

like a blue waffle except instead of an extremely infected vagina, the vagina is excessively bleeding and clotting. just as disgusting as a blue waffle.
man a bue waffle aint got nothin on a red waffle!
by anonymous8978947847834 March 12, 2010
the freshest clothing line currently on the market. cost like 80 at macy's but 50 at other places. not to be confused with US polo assn. u will get laughed at like a fucking clown.
Dude 1: ay bruh check out my polo i got yesterday!
Dude 2: Stupid nigga that US polo...burn that shit!
Dude 1: dang bruh
by anonymous8978947847834 December 15, 2009
when you catch or record your friend/friends jacking off.
bill: yesterday i midwhacked jimmy on his laptop.

johnny: aww dude did you get it on camera?
by anonymous8978947847834 February 15, 2010
when someone is walking up or down the stairs and they badly predict where the next step is causing them to miss the step and fall down provoking laughter to the person behind them.
that was the best stair fail ive ever seen!
by anonymous8978947847834 February 19, 2010
painful erection that last for 30+ minutes and is usually caused by an overdose from viagra
that guy in scary movie 4 had a horrible stoner
by anonymous8978947847834 February 19, 2010
one of the most dangerous forms of jerking in which one attempts to jerk to a song with incredibly fast tempo and usually does not succeed resulting in a broken ankle/leg
i went to the ER for speed jerking
by anonymous8978947847834 February 19, 2010
juice or juices released by a man's testicles by going above the rim and with authority, placing the ball in the net only to the dismay of the opponent who is between your legs helplessly getting a faceful of it.
kobe bryant sprays nut juice on dwight howard. its on youtube.
by anonymous8978947847834 February 19, 2010