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Whoever hates a Rachel is obviouly a social reject. There are two types of Rachels. Type 1- little miss confident! she loves to party, she has many friends and will catch the eye of any passing guys. Type 2- The girl who is misunderstood. She does have friends but she has her enemies. Her enemies are simply people who don't really have a clue what she is like. If you are reading this and thinking of a Rachel who you feel you hate... Shame on you... Speak to her and see how you feel then. =P
Example of Type 1) Girl one- Wow did you see that Rachel? She is such a pulling machine! She has only gone and got THE hottest guy in the year! Girl two- I know, but her outfit is totally awesome!

Example of Type 2) Guy 1) Did you see Rachel? Talk about a wierdo or what?! Guy2) Actually another mate of mine said she was pretty cool. Laters i'm going to check out a Rachel...!
by anonymous. =P July 21, 2009

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