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Can be an abbreviation for someones name. Usually a guy. Such as: Ralph John, Ronald Junior, Richard Johnson etc. . .
Yo, R.J. is the fucking duu.
by anonymous unknown March 20, 2006
1 Square Mile located in New Jersey. Filled w/ white prppy people. Then the poser emos. Then the poser ghettos. Then the real emo kids. About 5 of them. And then the real ghetto kids which none of them are directly from WoodRidge. Mos likely moved from Newark,Jersey City,Union City etc... Then the sluts that fuck in the bathroom and every 5 minute break we get from classes, nd then blaze up in thu bathrooms every dumbass class we have. I just moved from there. I would know best :-] I have witnessed.
W1 - Yo, i slit my wrists cause im emo.
W2 - fuckin poser, yo.
W3 - dammit me nd W6789 only got 1 minute to fuck this time. Its been slowing down a bit. At least i got enough time to smoke 3 stoges. Ay, I'm having specials today. Blowjobs only for $35 and a full lunch fuck is $150 today. o0o and special discount on 69's. Only $15.
W1 - wow were all from Wood-Ridge. This sucks let me go pretend to slit my wrists
W2 - word yo. lemme blaze up.
by anonymous unknown March 20, 2006

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