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Indies and Emos....what is the difference and why do indies hate emos? emos don't hate indies, at least i've never met an indie-hating emo.

indies are basically non-depressed kids who like obscure bands and have cool clothing style. emos are basically depressed kids who sometimes cut themselves and like obscure bands and have cool style except with more black.

I don't understand why indie kids have to hate emos. the first emo kid was probably originally an indie who suffered some life-changing tragedy ie the death of a parent, friend, etc. so they have styles that are relatively the same. they also go with some clothes that relate to what their favorite groups wear. Besides, since when were people required to conform with other people's ideas of what they should be wearing (aka people who are called emo changing the clothing style they like because indie kids can be anal about things like that)

indies and emos have quite a bit in common for example the clothing issue hating scene kids and posers. emo kids already have enough sh*t to deal with-(why they're depressed, duh).

SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY INDIES HATE EMOS (other than the queer*ss excuse of 'you stole are fashion' b/c i have already dealt with that arguement above.
indie kid: my god emos are homos because they wear converse like me

emo kid: my bad i'll desist immediately (takes off shoes and chucks in indie kids face.) f*** off.

indie kid: go cut your self, b*st*rd.

emo kid: yeah and you go scr*w yourself up the *ss.

etc.---see the similarities? indies and emos actually have some stuff in common.
by anonymous kid January 09, 2007

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