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3 definitions by anonymous friend

One of many failed pick up lines used by skinny small town men to try to catch a glimpse of female breasts.
"Lets get naked and throw ice at each other." "Uhh Maybe Later."
by Anonymous friend April 11, 2005
1)(n) Dirbag Hypocrite Nightshade in DAOC
2)(adj) No good gray ganker in DF
3)(adj) someone who starts threads on VN boards just to get flamed
That guy's such a covenn.
by Anonymous Friend January 18, 2003
A girl who is so amazing. She has a great personality, and is very lovable. She gets along with almost anybody, and sticks up for what she believes in. At times she is very self conscious, but will grow up to be something amazing. Any guy would kill for a girl like her.
She is like Brooke Leo
by anonymous friend October 28, 2012