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a place divided by the ghettos, preps, cheerleaders, smart kids, sluts, gothics/potheads, and jocks. the ghettos think they are ghetto by wearing oversized clothes they bought at the GSP, the preps think they are back in the 80's where "popped collars" were cool and tight jeans were in. the cheerleaders think they are hot but most of them are just plain ugly, the smart kids make everyone else look bad, the sluts just try to get every guy or girl (whatever they please), the goths which now makes up a good 20 percent of our school think they are so unique by wearing black and shirts that are printed in stores yet they cant really be unique if its a mass produced shirt now can they, and the jocks just think they are cool because they are all jacked n ripped yet our football team still cant seem to win
rich ghetto people, saved by the bell kids, girls in skirts, geniuses, girls who wear barely any clothing, kids in black, jerks
by anonymous because i said so April 05, 2005
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