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Diamond Bar is a typical suburban bubble. Abnormally clean and postiviely nothing to do. Except loitering at the Starbuck's on Grand. If you're that desperate.
Diamond Bar's population is about half Asian (mostly Korean and Chinese) and the other half is mostly white. Recently, more white families have been moving to areas even less desirable than Diamond Bar. Areas like Fontana and Corona. This is due in part to a) the increasingly high cost of living in Diamond Bar and b) many white families would like to live in areas with more white families and less Asian families. Because they fear yellow fever. It's like what happened in the mid-twentieth century when white people fled from urban areas to "escape" the influx of blacks. That's Diamond Bar.
Girl 1: Let's go hang out at Starbucks and sit on the curb and smoke cigarettes. It'll be totally bad-ass.
Girl 2: Cool.
Boy 1: Ok. Hold on, I have to ask my mom for some money first.
by anonymous anonymous June 09, 2005

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