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Will fuck up ones life and their love ones; HIGHLY addictive, probably the most addictive drug; not only popular with so called "white trash" but very big in the Filipino community all across USA. (esp. cali, vegas, NY & JERSEY). Most users/dealers/runners and THE SOURCE know or have "heard" of one another.

They say, "don't knock it, until you TRY it" or "Try anything once", etc. etc. CRYSTAL METH does NOT apply to these sayings! DO NOT TRY IT!
In Tagalog(filipino languange)-

filipino addict # 1: meron ba tayo jan..?!
filipino addict # 2: tigil na yan man!
filipino addict # 1: hmm.. tapwe na ko..
filipino addict # 2: ah, sige na nga. piso na!

and they call their dealer to cop that meth. Sorry, no translation.

by anonymous addict November 14, 2007

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