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Harvard-Westlake School is "an independent co-educational day school for grades 7-12 in Los Angeles and North Hollywood." Though it is notoriously known as being full of snobby, rich kids who usually buy themselves in, this is a stupid stereotype. though there definitely are some cases of this, especially in some of the younger grades, it really just depends on who you hang out with. As each grade gets successively more challenging everyone who can't keep up either leaves or gets kicked out so in the end, everyone whose there really deserves to be there.
Even though Harvard-Westlake has a very pretty intense work load, it takes good care of it's students and some (not all though...)of the sports teams are pretty good. They also have a good music program and an amazing dance program too.
Omg Jane, I got to bed at like 2 in the morning last night because I go to Harvard Westlake.
by anonymous 18u5765 April 15, 2007

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