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Quasi-pornography. A collection of videotaped live Mardi Gras/Spring Break events where female college students expose their breasts for beads/a shirt/indignity/angry parents. Further reinforcing that all women are sex objects and pushing the feminist movement back several steps; consequently losing their footing and falling down the staircase.
WARNING: This commercial is not suitable for children!

OMG GIRLS GONE WILD!!! You've never seen this before! HOT YUNG COLLEGE GURLS -- NAKED!! Order now for only $19.99!
by anonymous, yo October 18, 2005
An overpayed asshole which you're supposed to visit in intervals of six months (twice a year). While you only visit this sadist twice a year, any more could scathe one's sanity. When you do go to the dentist, you will always find yourself being admonished by the dentist or his/her assistant(s) about how filthy your teeth are and how clean you should keep them. However, actually trying to improve one's dental hygiene is a futile endeavor since he/she will never be satisfied.

It's like putting up with a second nagging mother (or wife). With possibly hairier legs.
Dentist: "Your teeth are so filthy! Don't you wash them?!"

Patient jabs one of the dentist's cruel instruments of torment in her eye
by anonymous, yo October 18, 2005

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