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to move - particlarly to move fast.
"Toast to McColls!"

"Toast on over the now and you should make it before 9pm"
by anna apple October 12, 2003
added at the end of certain words to give added emphasis. Does not denote gender in any way.
"funny boy" - when somethings amusing
"Mental boy" - indicates things are going well (6 Litres of White Lightening Cider for £2.99 at McColls the now - Menal Boy!"
"potent boy" - see potent
"Aww, better stay oot a the way of LAmond. He's on a bad boy the night." - To be on a bad boy is to be in a bad mood.
by anna apple October 12, 2003
totally, really, very - signifies an excess of something
"Aye, she looked main upset. Thought she wiz gonna start greeting or something"

"Aw, I've got the main munchies - lets go to the cafe bar and get some fat munch."

"HE was main goin' on about you all night. He totally want to get in by!"
by anna apple October 12, 2003

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