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A relief from all the reality on TV and one example of "not all reruns suck". Due to its recent popularity by being aired on Nick @ Nite, many channels now air reruns.
Fresh Prince is the best sitcom ever made.
by animatorStrike February 20, 2005
Grindcore music that consists of notoriously short songs, headache-inducing noise, and lyrics that will make you vomit on yourself. Some great examples are Regurgitate, Meat Shits, Cock and Ball Torture, Anal Blast, and Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis.
Goregrind is great! Except the fact that goregrind bands love to use complex words to describe something disgusting.
by animatorStrike July 03, 2005
A punk band which orginated from New York. They play fast and hardcore.
Guy1: Do you listen to The Casualties?
Guy2: Hell yeah!
by animatorStrike February 11, 2005
A great death metal band. They are characterized by their brutal and gut-wrenching lyrics, so most people miss out on what really makes the band so great.
Some people say Cannibal Corpse has sold out because 12-year olds listen to it. Hey, if they can handle the music, who gives a shit?
by animatorStrike March 16, 2005
A multiplayer deathmatch in a computer game which involves a massive amount of killing.
Guy: Hey, wanna start a fragfest at 8:00?

Guy2: Hell yeah, Unreal Tournament!
by animatorStrike February 06, 2005
The black equivalent to the KKK.
We've got a white terror group (KKK) and a black terror group (Black Panthers). Everything's fair, right?
by animatorStrike November 12, 2005
A bland rock band. Green Day is often mislabeled as punk. They started with their first album, 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, which wasn't as successful as Dookie or Nimrod. Their latest album, American Idiot, can be summed up in one word: shit. The majority of their fanbase are 14-year old girls who obsess over Green Day and think that they are the best band ever.
After Warning, I ceased to be a Green Day fan.

Green Day fan: "OMFG!!! GREENDAY iz lYk THE BeST bAnD EVR!!!! THER MuZiK R0XX!!!!!!!"
by animatorStrike April 30, 2005

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