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A typically young and flirty co-worker that flirts, or sleeps her way through her life, friends, and jobs. often times she is unable to actually do her work, and is only hired/promoted because of her looks. she is able to keep her job because the older married boss likes having something to look at, flirt with, do something with, or have sex with her. When she does inevitably screw-up she isn't yelled at, unlike her homelee, modest, mature co-workers, but she is gently "talked to" and almost tutored like a child in order to help her "get" her job because she is the dumbest P-O-S screw-up to ever walk the face of the Earth.
when Nicki demanded that Ryan fire VALERIE due to her shitty attitude, poor attendance, and inability to do the job right; Ryan (the boss) was hesitant because she was the "office slut" that he liked to flirt with. they argued for almost an hour, people walking by Ryan's office could hear Nicki yelling at him to fire valerie.

eventually, Ryan gave in and both of them had a private meeting with Valerie the next day. when Valerie learned that she was getting fired she cried, and poured on the "sob story" of how she was dumped by her lame boyfriend, and how she is homeless. not only did Valerie end up keeping her job, but by the next week she was promoted because she was fucking the boss.
by angry co-worker October 24, 2007

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