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bitch,bitch,bitch,bitch,bitch,bitch she did nothing good for human kind
nicole ritchie is a bitch
by angelo and nick August 09, 2006
something thats really fun to scream at people. its funny watching there reactions
some guy walks by, and u scream really scary like why wont you go home!
by angelo and nick August 09, 2006
to clap loudly at someone that you dont particularly know
or like, some one who you just dont like seeing around.-in a rude manner
" hey theres that guy again, the one who lives around the corner and i dont know at all. im going to clap at his bitch ass"
by angelo and nick August 09, 2006
a word to be added at the end of a rude insult/diss. if mcphee isnt there its not a diss.
your such a freaky shithead.-not a diss because it wasnt ended in mcphee
your such a freaky shithead mcphee-now thats what i call a diss!:)
by angelo and nick August 09, 2006

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