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When a man is eating out a woman and she has a very juicy queef that splatters in his face.
Yo, I was eating this bitch and she gave me a queef shower so I smacked her and went home.
by Andy K April 21, 2004
A new method of birth control where a micro chip is placed in a woman's vagina after intercourse. If 30 days passes, and there is no sign of a baby, the microchip will deactivate and be shitten out. If a baby is forming, the glutton will begin eating the baby. If the baby does not die from partial eating, the glutton will consume the entire thing, completely painless, but slightly ticklish to the woman.
Ill be back, I need a new pack of vaginal gluttons.
by Andy K April 18, 2004
When a midwife is performing a long and vigorous delivery and needs to change her tampon desperately
The baby cried too much because of a midwife crisis.
by Andy K April 18, 2004
Santa spends the whole year deciding whose been good and whose been bad. This means he can only have sex the day after xmas, because the next day he must go right back to work again. Mrs. Clause has gone the whole year un-fucked, so at this point, there is much dust in her vagina. Because of all of the Chimneys Santa has gone down, he is not afraid. But because he has been down so many Chimneys, there is black soot and marijuana resine on his penis. When he fucks Mrs. Clause, her dust is replaced with soot and marijuana resine.
Santa's Chimney Dilema is the grossest thing I've ever heard of, I like the Easter Bunny absense of toilet dilema better.
by Andy K April 18, 2004
When people try to make their sex look like different weather patterns.

For example... to weather rain, is to piss on your partner, to weather snow is to jizz on your partner, to weather a thunder storm is rough sex with whips and chains
"We should try weathering honey, a hurricane is coming soon!"
by Andy K April 06, 2004
A girl (so she says) from Worcester Massachusetts named Amanda. This knickname refers to the fact that she looks like a cross between Chubaka and Pumba.
Hey dude, Chumba's coming over, get ready for some cheap head.
by Andy K March 25, 2004
When a woman shits out her pussy, usually when she squeezes too hard in an attempt to queef, after shes eatin a bean borrito from taco bell
"She let out the Big Mac Attack on me while i was fuckin her.... dont trust her."
by Andy K April 18, 2004

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