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Nickname for a pharmacology professor named Dr. Pennefather made famous for his research on ion channels and wicked notes.
Have you seen P-poppa's old tests?

I love it when you call me p-poppa.
by andrewjun April 06, 2006
events or objects that are impressive beyond words of common day lanuage.

"did you see that? that was like...juntastic!"
by andrewjun April 06, 2006
An individual who suffers from a condition called strabismus exotropia. Its the opposite of being cross-eyed where one eye looks at you while the other is looking way off to the side.

etymology: the cover of Brave New World that was used in my english class has on it a big picture of a face w/ this condition and under it in bold is written HUXLEY. At the time we didn't know that the author Aldoux Huxley had strabisums exotropia and the picture was likely that of him.
That guy at the back of english class is a huxley.

Which eye do you look at when you talk to a huxley?

Mike's got some mad huxley going on.
by andrewjun April 06, 2006

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