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During the autumnal season, the first month of unimpeded facial hair growth. To be customarily followed by Decembeard and concluding with shaving the beard into a desired mustache during the month of Manuary.
My neck is getting scratchy due to early Novembeard growth, but it'll all pay off come Manuary.
#decembeard #manuary #femuary #beard #mustache
by andrew said thomas January 03, 2009
The month following Novembeard and preceding Manuary. It is the second month of unimpeded facial-hair growth prior to shaving one's beard into a desired mustache/chops combination in recognition of Manuary.
My Decembeard is getting pretty thick, I can't wait till the new year to form this into one helluva Manuary mustache.
#manuary #novembeard #femuary #beard #mustache
by andrew said thomas January 03, 2009
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