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A bodyless head with spiky blond hair and black feet.
Blode was standing aroun. His brain was completly empty and he was completly happy
by Andrea January 03, 2004
A person who uses rather large words in order to sound smart, when they really aren't.
I wish he would use normal words instead of being constripulos cause we know he is really a moron.
by Andrea September 03, 2003
An injury to a surfer after they get dragged across a reef.
Nick had major reef rash on his arm after he hit that reef off the point.
by Andrea May 06, 2005
euphemism for breasts. See gazongas.
Shit yo, check out those awesome kazongas, man.
by Andrea November 28, 2004
Well, it doesn't take a genius to realise,
being good at school can be cool. Put on your lab coats, BOFFINS RULE!
Umm... umm... I'd actually rather you didn't use the word "boffin", 'cause if anything it means "having sex".
by Andrea March 29, 2005
The biggest f*cking douchebag in utica history. One who likes to take steroids and gets off emailing and web camming his ex-girlfriend.One who after a long day of classes being shot down by both women and men, likes to touch his small penis and rub his tiny over-roided balls.
Jesus Anthony! Calm the fuck down, you are acting like an EdDeCarlo!
by Andrea March 01, 2005
This term can be used to define many varieties of wildlife that come out at night, generally male, in the daytime they are generally linked to some technological medium.
Therefore, upon sighting of an 'Ozhan' in the evening (usually at Heat) one would say "look! it is Ozhan, isn't he a fine fellow"
by andrea September 12, 2004

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