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3 definitions by analog cat

A leucotome or McKenzie Leucotome is a surgical instrument used for performing leucotomies, prefrontal lobotomies and other forms of psychosurgery.

Invented by Canadian neurosurgeon Dr. Kenneth G. McKenzie in the 1940s, the leucotome has a narrow shaft which is inserted into the brain through a hole in the skull, and then a plunger on the back of the leucotome is depressed to extend a wire loop or metal strip into the brain. The leucotome is then rotated, cutting a core of brain tissue. This type was used by the Nobel prize-winning Portuguese neurologist Egas Moniz.
I use my leucotome to terrorize Broccoli Rob.
by analog cat August 01, 2012
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A German word meaning "to do slowly".
Do you sprechen lahngism?
by analog cat August 01, 2012
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Bony Babs took an Extended Vacationism to Southern Europe, in which the terrific magma engulfed her entire body over the course of several seconds. That is the only redeeming trait all humans share..they die.
by analog cat July 30, 2012
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